Get more done by doing less

career revelyoution Apr 14, 2018

There are many parallels between organizational management, leadership principles and personal development themes and concepts. One commonality relates to the ways in which individuals and organizations gravitate towards ‘busy-ness’ as a standard for productivity and success.

Busy-ness relates to workload, schedules, capacity, quality, etc. This can be measured by how full your Outlook calendar looks, how many meetings you attend, how many projects you have undertaken, how many activities you are involved in, how many widgets you are making, etc.

On the human impact - end of the spectrum you can measure things like;  how little free time you have, how poor your eating habits have become (as a result of your busy-ness), how many personal or family commitments you miss, or how hard it is to fit exercise or self-care into your day.

Where do you spend your time?

How much do you have on your plate, and how successful are you at managing and navigating those things? And...

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Our life's Mission

revelyoution Apr 14, 2018

My deepest desire is for everyone to live the highest expression of themselves. - Oprah Winfrey

Imagine a world in which every last human had the opportunity to grow and evolve into the very best version of themselves.

Imagine that they had food, loving care, education and stability as children. Imagine that they had opportunity, mentorship and resources to explore and expand into their most amazing selves.

What would the world be like if this were so? What sort of challenges would we face? Or rather, the question would more appropriately be; what challenges could we NOT face? If every human had the chance to contribute the strongest, most developed version of their human experience, how could the world not evolve into a better place?

This too is my deepest desire. That every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop into their best potential, and that they should then bless the world through the sharing of those gifts.

When I consider our global challenges today. When...

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