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“When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.”


Awareness For Impact

This 5-session online course will jumpstart your mindfulness practice, equip you with tools to be more productive and focused and inspire you to bring these impactful and easy-use tools and practices into your daily routine. Pragmatic and results-focused. If you are curious about the benefits of Mindfulness and want to develop a simple and impactful practice... then this is the course for you!

  • Latest in neuroscience and evidence-backed strategies
  • From the fundamentals of Mindfulness to advanced techniques in Resilience
  • Video lessons, weekly live Q&A's, helpful downloads and frameworks
  • Create your own Mindfulness practice!
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Peak Performance Package

Discover the transformative power of high performance coaching, where you'll shed fear, fatigue, and frustration to embrace a life filled with joy, creativity, and vitality. This science-backed, heart-driven approach empowers you to unlock your full potential, cultivating happiness, health, confidence, and wealth. Through mastering psychology, physiology, productivity, and people skills, you'll ignite your purpose, vitality, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Experience the exhilaration of high performance living—where you're fully present, purposeful, and effortlessly generating joy, confidence, and progress at every turn.

In thi 12-session High-Performance Training Package you will be immersed in High-Performance concepts. Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Influence, and Courage (the building blocks of a high-performance lifestyle). Each session will introduce powerful  strategies and I will personally work with you to integrate each new learning into your day to day routine. 

Learn how to apply the most advanced high-performance tools and techniques available anywhere in the world. In these sessions you will experience the power of life coaching by achieving the following..

  1. Explore your dreams, goals, and ambitions.
  2. Get clear on what’s holding you back from achieving that life.
  3. Identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Receive the tools, strategies, and resources to break through, close the gap and turn your ambitions into a reality,

Let’s get real..there is something holding you back and accountability that pushes you beyond where you’ve taken yourself will be the key to living the life you want. You can only take yourself so far but you can go further together.

  • Work with a Master Certified High-Performance Coach
  • Trained with and certified by Brendon Burchard and Growth Day Coaching
  • Learn the performance secrets taught to Oprah, Larry King, and more!
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Conquer Your Crisis (coming soon)


Fighting and surviving a chronic illness or life tragedy is an ordeal that is not just about fighting for your life and your health. These are experiences that can cause you to question and doubt everything about your life, your dreams, and relationships.

This course helps you pick up the pieces and guides you step by step to fully reclaim your joy, your focus, and your passion for life after surviving. 

You can do this! And I can be your guide. I've survived and thrived, and you can too!

Using the best tools in High Performance and Resilience Mindset coaching, this is the ultimate roadmap to rediscovering your best self, and living life on your terms!


  • Reconnect with your true self (the one you feel you lost through this journey)
  • Discover your path of growth and find inspiration along the way
  • Create a new roadmap for yourself with your recalibrated goals and dreams
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Let Others Inspire You.

"Working with Heidi has been a game-changer. She gets to the heart of the challenge, and inspires us to rise to the occasion. Her tools and strategies have absolutely opened my eyes to my own potential"

Lara Swanson

"My Mindfulness Course was incredible. I learned so much, and I use my new tools on a daily basis. Can't thank you enough!"

Julia Waldorf

Learning to Begin Again - How Mindfulness Helps Us Start Anew

Sep 21, 2021

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