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“It is not our circumstances that create our discontent or contentment.  It is us."  

Vivien Greene

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Individual Coaching

Work with me one on one as we empower you with a full, professional Enneagram assessment, Mindfulness training and High Performance tools. See huge results in your personal and professional life as you rise to your fully potential and begin living your best life!

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Group Coaching

Leverage the power of community as you join a cohort of fellow learners and seekers on a journey of high performance, mindfulness and Enneagram coaching.

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Corporate Coaching

Take your team to the next level and empower your staff and leaders with Mindfulness and High Performance tools. Bespoke Enneagram workshops and more designed to support your specific team dynamics and growth needs.

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Individual Coaching

 As an elite coach to high-impact men and women, I only work with those who are ready to dig deep, engage with the process, and get BIG results. My clients want meaningful, fully charged lives, and with my help, they see REAL results and progress!

I am currently accepting applications for a limited number of new clients, so if you are ready to conquer your burnout and re-ignite your life... then let's get started!

  • Includes Professional IEQ9 Enneagram Assessment and Coaching
  • High Performance Coaching Modules.
  • Mindfulness Training

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Tell me about yourself! Coaching is a mutual commitment, and having the right fit is critical. Let's explore your story, assess where there's work to be done, and then strategize together as to the tools and strategies we can use to help you re-engage with your life as your best, most authentic and most impactful self!


Individual Coaching Application

Group Coaching

This is a great option if you are looking for both individual attention, and the benefits of small group dynamics to support you on your journey. An affordable way to access high-caliber coaching, and benefit from a community of like-minded seekers.

  • Mindfulness & High-Performance Strategies
  • Enneagram Profile & Coaching Debrief
  • Cutting-edge neuroscience & strategies to support your growth and progress

Next Group Session Starts April 2024


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Corporate Coaching -Teams and Leaders

Training in the art of self-awareness to support productivity, clarity and focus in work and in life. Positive workplaces are shown to be more profitable, have better morale, and overall staff and leadership longevity. Learn cutting-edge techniques to master your mind and maximize your impact. See how increasing your emotional intelligence, your ability to focus and your cognitive function can dramatically improve the quality of your outcomes, your relationships and your ability to reach your goals. 

  • Corporate-based Mindfulness curriculum
  • Professional Enneagram Assessments and Training
  • Advanced Team Dynamics curated for your unique staff and teams.
  • High-Performance strategies and Leadership training

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Looking For A Wellness Resource For Your Work Place?

Make your business stand out and empower your employees with Better You Challenges – the ultimate wellness solution designed for success. Our curated challenges, backed by accountability coaching and innovative tracking tools, create a fun and engaging environment where your team can thrive. Invest in your teams today and witness the positive impact on productivity, morale, and overall workplace satisfaction. Join us in building a Better You and a Better Workplace – let's unlock your team's full potential together.

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How Coaching Can Help You

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When your mind and body are aligned, you’re clear, productive, influential, present, and know your purpose – you’ll be able to achieve anything.

During my Individual and Group programs, I will push your limits and get you to the next level by giving you a clear understanding of the five benefit areas of high performance: CLARITY, ENERGY, COURAGE, PRODUCTIVITY, & INFLUENCE. You will learn how to leverage the best of modern neuroscience & psychology, as well as discovering the power of the Enneagram. You will see AMAZING RESULTS after just ONE SESSION – Imagine consistent practice and coaching will do!


Mindfulness & Neuroscience

  • Mindfully Manage Your Emotions
  • Cultivate Real, Authentic Presence
  • Reset Your Nervous System
  • Navigate Stress with Finesse
  • Create Your Own Mindfulness Practice
  • Master Your Thoughts and Reactions
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High Performance Concepts

  • FOCUS :: Implement Healthy Habits

  • CLARITY :: Define Goals & Aspirations

  • ENERGY :: Generate Limitless Energy

  • COURAGE :: Achieve Increased Confidence

  • PRODUCTIVITY :: Up-Level Your Output

  • INFLUENCE :: Elevate Your Influence

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  • Increase Your Self-Awareness
  • Discover Your Instinctual Bias & how to leverage it in your life
  • Become a Conflict Resolution Ninja using the Enneagram
  • Reframe Your Communications and Relationship for the better
  • Become a Leader in Your Life
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Let Others Inspire You.

"Working with Heidi has been a game-changer. She gets to the heart of the challenge, and inspires us to rise to the occasion. Her tools and strategies have absolutely opened my eyes to my own potential".

Lara Swanson

"My Mindfulness Course was incredible. I learned so much, and I use my new tools on a daily basis. Can't thank you enough!"

Julia Waldorf
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How Listening to Your Body’s Cues Can Help You Manage Stress

Sep 29, 2021

Learning to Begin Again - How Mindfulness Helps Us Start Anew

Sep 21, 2021

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