Your biggest fear holds your greatest opportunity

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2018

Are you afraid?

Maybe you don’t call it fear, maybe you call it something else.

How about this…

What are you missing out on?

Is the fear of missing out drowning you?

Fear is the ultimate paralyzer. And even the most high achieving person you’ve ever met has experienced its affects at some point in their personal and professional lives.

As parents, we are fearful that we aren’t exposing our kids to the right experiences, that we are spoiling them, that we are not teaching them the ‘right’ things, that they will not grow up to be the adults we hope they will be.

As spouses and partners, we fear that our relationship has lost its luster, that our partners don’t see any magic in us anymore, that romance is a thing of the past, that we  may be missing out on real romance or excitement.

In our careers we fear that others are getting farther, getting there faster than us. We fear that others know things we don’t and have help we don’t have access to. We fear that others have ‘made it’, while we are still pounding the pavement.

In our bodies, we fear we are ‘losing it. That we are doomed to be overweight, that no diet will ever work, that the ideal self that has inhabited our minds’ eye for so long is ultimately unachievable. We fear we may always be tired. That joint pain and low energy are our new, constant companions.

We fear that our vices have a concrete grip on us, and that we cannot escape them. Overeating. Binge drinking.  Unhealthy sexual relationships. We fear that we are no better than our lowest inclinations, that we cannot overcome the demons that have become permanent residents in our carefully constructed lives.

You may not relate to any of this. But chances are, you do.

As a coach, I hear all of this, and much, much more.

Very impactful, high performing people wrestling with their fears each and every day.

This is not a sign of weakness, this does not mean they have accomplished less, or been less meaningful or important in their lives. It just means they are humans struggling to balance their potential and their very human reality.

Our fears can own us, without us even realizing it.

You may not call these things ‘fear’. In fact, you may just think of them as annoying, nagging thoughts, or recurring themes inhabiting the back of your thoughts.

However, I like to call them out as ‘fear’ as it identifies them as real threats to your overall happiness, and certainly as damaging to your experience of your one, beautiful and brief human life!

Your biggest fear holds your greatest opportunity.

What is your greatest fear, your most persistent bad habit, the thing that keeps you up at night?

Is it your own behavior? Is it your own response?

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