What is High Performance Living?

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2018

"High Performance Living is the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living your best self."  Brendon Burchard

Who doesn’t want more engagement, joy and confidence in their lives? I'm guessing we all could use a lot more of all three!

And not just bursts of these highly desirable states, but an 'ongoing feeling', or a state of living that persists over time. That is definitely something we would all love to achieve!

If someone asks you, "How are you?";  how do you typically respond?

Are you “fine”,? Are you “good”? Or maybe you are “hanging in there”?

What if I were to ask you to describe the last time you felt 'joy'? Could you recall a specific moment? Would it bring back a flood of memories of all those times you felt joy?

Or, would you be stumped? Would you struggle to respond to the question?

If trying to recall when you last felt 'joy' felt like you were digging around your gargantuan purse in the dark for a pen, then you are absolutely not alone.

In my coaching practice, this is almost always a pause and head-scratching-inducing question. I find that very rarely are people able to whip out readily available feelings and memories of joy.

In fact, quite the contrary. We are conditioned to be 'fine'. It is normal to be 'ok. It's quite common to be 'hanging in there'.

But, wouldn't you like to be more than just fine? Doesn't the promise of a joy-filled life sound like something you want to be a part of?

Of course, you do! And I want to help you get there!

The joy and fulfillment that comes from consistently living the best version of ourselves is the state we all should aspire to.

Yes, we are human. Yes, we all have flaws.

However, we also have the potential for incredible joy, creativity and fulfillment.

The pillars concepts of High Performance living include:






High Performance is the result of heightened and sustained levels of each of these, and I can’t wait to tell you more!  It is possible to consistently experience an up-leveled life. In fact, I would argue that living as our best selves is what we were born to do. Every cell in our bodies, every ounce of creativity and longing is trying to orient us towards our best self. Call it a divine spark, a soul, or an altruistic yearning to be more than what we currently are, and to experience the best and most fulfilling life possible.  No matter the name or the motivation, as humans we are fundamentally wired to be happy. We've just learned to layer on a lot of things that have dulled our ability to consistently experience it.

But like a compass that will always point due North, we are designed to live, to act, to be better than we even know how. Stay tuned as I walk you through some of the critical steps to get there and stay there!

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