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revelyoution Apr 14, 2018

My deepest desire is for everyone to live the highest expression of themselves. - Oprah Winfrey

Imagine a world in which every last human had the opportunity to grow and evolve into the very best version of themselves.

Imagine that they had food, loving care, education and stability as children. Imagine that they had opportunity, mentorship and resources to explore and expand into their most amazing selves.

What would the world be like if this were so? What sort of challenges would we face? Or rather, the question would more appropriately be; what challenges could we NOT face? If every human had the chance to contribute the strongest, most developed version of their human experience, how could the world not evolve into a better place?

This too is my deepest desire. That every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop into their best potential, and that they should then bless the world through the sharing of those gifts.

When I consider our global challenges today. When I boil them down to their most basic commonalities, several consistent themes become apparent. Poverty being chief among them, and all of the associated afflictions that go along with it. Lack of food. Lack of education. Lack of stability. War. Totalitarianism. Tyranny.

These are all symptoms of the shameful rot of unfulfilled potential. These barriers and horrors keep us bound by our basest responses. They enable charismatic fear mongers to recruit for corrupt causes, allow innocent children to be lured into lives of terrorism and murder, engender hate and protectionism among otherwise reasonable people.

Unfulfilled human potential is the greatest untapped resource on this planet. Our creator gave us the irreplaceable gift of our fragile but resilient humanity, and yet by denying our obligation to continually strive for our most evolved selves, we deny our brothers and sisters the benefit of our contributions. We keep our blessings to ourselves and do not contribute to the evolution of others.

Could a terrorist inspire a suicide bomber to strap on an explosive vest, if that would-be terrorist had hope, had opportunity, had stability and a reasonable hope of a better future? Would our prisons remain full to capacity, warehouses of human lives cast aside, if those men and women had real pathways to improve themselves, and become fully accepted back into society?

What could our future hold if our children could quite literally, 'dream it, and build it'?

Is this idealistic? Yes, it is. And yet, what else is there, if not optimism in the human condition, and inherent faith in our potential for love and good? I would argue that to strive for anything less than each of us being able to 'live our highest and best selves' is short-sighted and limited thinking.

We must set the bar high, rather than goal-setting based on the minutia of our problems. We can pass laws to legislate good behavior, go to war to force evil into submission, close our borders to keep others out, spew hate and fear to our heart's content, and yet none of these go to the core of any of our issues.

Until we improve our collective human condition, we will not erase the scourge and pent up rage of unfulfilled humanity.

We all have a part to play in seeking and encouraging both our own 'best selves', and in mentoring and caring for others' journeys as well.

Imagine if we approached this one person- at -a- time. And all of us did so.

One person at a time could change the world.


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