Joy is a weapon

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2018

The thing about Joy is that it feels elusive to most of us. Joy is a word on Christmas stockings and coffee mugs. Joy is rarely something that you hear described or acknowledged on a daily basis.

Why is that?

Joy is like a lever. It has the power to change a whole room. It can elevate our experience, it can get us out of our own heads, and into the ether of life itself. Joy exists in moments, not chapters.  Joy can be fleeting and difficult to pin down. Like a golden snitch of emotion, we are constantly seeking it but don't quite know where to find it.

Joy gets us a bump of engagement in our own lives. It is a connector, a bridge to our true selves, and  to what we really want and feel.

Joy doesn't have to be the rapturous romance of novels and movies, it doesn't have to be the moment you win the lottery or marry your dream lover.

The beauty of Joy is that it is everywhere. It can be as simple as a belly laugh. It can be as obvious as a sentimental thought, or a touching observation. Joy surrounds us always.

We have just learned to ignore it. We are taught that the world is a fast-paced place, where we must scurry to keep up and stake our claim.

But the truth is that we can experience Joy everyday. If only we look for it. If only we allow ourselves the sheer pleasure of observing its presence.

Most people can't even describe what brings them joy. Can you?

Can you get more than one level deep when you think about the things that give you a sense of happiness? Beyond the standard answers (kids, my spouse, my job), what really brings you joy?

How about if I make you laugh? What if you bring playfulness into your day? How about if you change the pace of your day, and leave room to be mischievous or creative?

Cultivate Joy like a habit.

Don't wait for those huge milestones of Joy in life to knock you over the head with their impact.

Instead, tend to your daily happiness and playfulness. Grow your openness to connection and observation of others.

Engage in the humor of life, because face it, we all have a lot we can laugh about!

Humor is a gateway to Joy. Take advantage of that.

We were not made to be measured. We were made to be joyful.

We were not made to be professional and proper. We were made to be creative and Joyful!


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