Energy- how to get it, and why you need it

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2018

Today I'm going to dive into the second critical  High Performance concept, and that is ENERGY!
I have to admit, this one is my Achilles heel. I have NEVER been a high-energy person, in fact, quite the opposite. As a kid I was asleep before the car pulled out of the driveway, I struggled to stay awake in school, and I typically required lots of pressure from my friends to get up and go out! I know, kind of a downer, but I truly couldn't help it!

In hindsight, I know that I was likely suffering from Lymes, even way back then, I just didn’t know it. But my half-empty battery has been a struggle of mine for most of my life. I was always truly jealous of people that seemed to overflow with an abundance of energy. I couldn't imagine what that felt like, and my low energy always felt like an anchor holding me down.

That’s why I was so grateful to find High Performance coaching, and learn specific strategies to help me navigate my low-energy self. There are indeed ways people like me (and YOU) can increase their energy and stamina. The key though, is consistent practice of these strategies.

No one likes the word ‘consistent’. It sounds mundane. Boring. So obvious that it’s hardly worth saying.

I’m here to encourage you to see the power of consistency. For when you do, you will appreciate that this is one of the most powerful words and concepts we have access to.

What does it mean to be consistent?

To repeat a successful activity over time. Yes, over time. Not once. Not twice a week. Not as a New Year’s resolution. Consistently employing a successful strategy over the long-haul is what produces results.

You know this. You’ve heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. You know the inspiring stories of Olympic athletes who dedicate their lives to performance and success.

Well, even us common folk can benefit from the principal of consistent action. And in consistently, mindfully outworking and out-thinking our challenges (low-energy included), we too can achieve incredible success.

Why do we care about how much energy we have?

How far does your car drive if the fuel tank is empty? How fun is that play if the actors don’t show up? How good can your life be if you don’t have the energy to be fully present, to really engage, to be there for your loved ones as your best and most attentive self? What kind of quality can you put into your work if you are barely showing up?

The Father of High Performance Coaching, Brendon Burchard puts it like this, "The Powerplant doesn't HAVE energy, it GENERATES it!"

We don't HAVE energy, we take action that ensures we will bring our own energy to bear in our lives. It doesn't appear from out of the blue. It is the result of the things we do to create it, and maintain it.

You must have energy to enjoy life. You must have stamina to do the things you want to do.

You owe it to those you love, and to yourself to figure out how to conquer as many of your demons as you can, and help yourself discover and enjoy the energy you deserve.

We all have our demons holding us back in some way or another. It could be addiction. Weight. Trauma. Low self-esteem.

The key is to work your way through each of your challenges, and to take specific and measurable steps to address them. You may always be heavier than you want. You may always crave a drink that you know you shouldn’t have.

But then again…what if by focusing on employing so many positive and healthy strategies in your life, you make your demons feel a whole lot less attractive? It’s doable. And it’s so very worth it!

Energy is your life-force. Literally. Even the healthiest among us seek ways to push themselves in this area. To go a bit further. To get a little stronger. To run a little farther. To have a bit more stamina to finish that one project that always seems to elude them.

Your reasons for seeking energy will be your own, your demons are custom-fit to your situation.

But the methods for moving forward in your life with zest and vigor are learnable, employable and imminently doable over the long haul.

You are worth it!

High Performance living means going beyond your standard norms. It means challenging yourself to live the vest version of yourself.

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