Are you 'going through the motions? How being intentional makes all the difference

revelyoution Apr 15, 2018

Are there places in your life where you know that you are 'just going through the motions'?

You will never find your edge, you will just keep 'doing a good job'.

We want to bust through the boundary of 'good', and we can only do that by being intentional, by focusing, by being thoughtful.

When you are good, when you are confident, when you are a high functioning indiviudal who has enjoyed some modicum of success...there is also a high risk that you will become complacent. Whe you are 'so good' at doing what you do, there is also a signficant risk that you will become equally good at skating by. Maybe 'skating' for you, is someone else's stretch. Good for you. But that means you are leaving a lot on the table!

When you don't challenge yourself, you are shortchanging yourself and you are denying to world the real impact of your gifts and skills.

"Readiness happens in action, not in contemplation" -Brendon Burchard

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