Transformation,  Life and Executive Coach. Champion of  human potential, and high-performance living.

I challenge and support high-impact people to rise to their potential, conquer their frustrations and set-backs, and re-ignite their lives.

In layman's terms, I help really cool people get past their brick walls, and start kicking ass again!

I used to take pride in being a 'Type A', obsessively driven professional. I worked hard, and pushed myself harder. I was my own toughest critic.

But, if you've heard the phrase, "our issues are in our tissues...", well, that was me in a nutshell. My life was derailed in my late 30’s by a debilitating mystery illness (now known to be Lymes), and again with a cancer diagnosis in my early 40’s.

I experienced a crisis of conscience and faith which caused me to doubt and rethink everything I know about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Faced with losing my quality of life, my career, and my marriage … I knew I had to change.

My physical and mental/spiritual wake-up call lasted about 5 years, and has been the ride of my life!

But, at the intersection of brokenness and illness, I rediscovered my own potential, and now I want to help you find yours!

I’m a now fully awake mountain girl with a bohemian heart, c-level focus and drive, and 20 years of high-level operations, policy and business experience, who escaped the world of politics and boardrooms, to pursue high performance living and the power of human potential. I’m a Certified High Performance Coach who can’t wait to help others achieve a life beyond their expectations.

My personal struggles have made me better. The painful lessons I learned deepened and enhanced my life in ways I never could have imagined. I’m driven to help others as they navigate their own challenges, and grow into their own unique potential.

I believe in the power of Mindfulness and Authenticity. I am committed to helping others achieve the high performance lifestyle they deserve.

I want to contribute to a revelYOUtion. Where we redefine ourselves, our relationships, our limitations and potential, our role as stewards of our earth and each other. I want us to revel in our human potential, and to become the highest expression of ourselves in service to each other, and to our future. I want each of us to experience life at the cutting edge of performance, health, vitality and productivity.

When I'm not diving deep into how up-leveled people can change the world, you can find me cuddled up with my giant pup Sirius Black (yes, I loved Harry Potter), watching some sci-fi. I love good vs. evil battles, and I'm a die-hard believer in the future of humanity in space. Don't even get me started! I'm a voracious reader, and I rarely meet a book I don't want to bring home with me (much to my husband's dismay). Cooking is another of my passions...did I mention I used to Chef in my own restaurants?

I'm a polymath (aka- an excellent Trivial Pursuit player), who believes that we are due for a revelYOUtion. Mental, Spiritual, Physical. Leadership that starts with ourselves, and that can change our experience of work and life. Let’s challenge ourselves to go beyond.

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