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The “Must Have” Roadmap to reclaiming your life after cancer!

Have you felt lost since your diagnosis? Do you grieve your old life, and feel confused or overwhelmed as you face a post-cancer future? Are you craving a re- connection not just with your old self, but with old and new dreams? Then this is THE ROADMAP for you! Actionable steps to kick-start a passion-filled life that is authentically 'you' in a post cancer world. Rediscover and reinvent yourself. These steps form the foundation of my Reclaim Your Life program. It all starts here!

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Download the 5 step process to kick-start your life. Including:

  • Reconnecting with your 'old' self in a healthy way that propels you forward
  • Identifying what you REALLY want after surviving Cancer
  • Create a plan for yourself that will ignite your dreams both old and new and help you bring them to life!

Hey there! I'm Heidi... 

I'm a Leadership, and High Performance Coach, and a Breast Cancer Survivor! I use the tools of mindset coaching and neuroscience to teach fellow Survivor's how to reconnect with their dreams, rebuild their lives and thrive in their post-Cancer world.

If you are a Survivor, if you are someone who wants more out of life, who wants to feel connection and passion again after all that you've been through...then I can't wait to meet you! Welcome sister! Let's get started!


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