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Reclaim your life!

Cancer is an ordeal that is not just about fighting for your life and your health. It's a disease that can cause you to question and doubt everything about your life and relationships.

This course helps you pick up the pieces, and guides you step by step to fully reclaim your joy, your focus and your passion for life after cancer. You can do this! And I can be your guide. I've survived and thrived, and you can too!

Using the best tools in High Performance and Resilience Mindset coaching, this is the ultimate roadmap to rediscovering your best self, and living life on your terms!


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Online courses that will jump-start your journey to an engaged and fully-charged life.

Peak Performance Package

12-module High Performance Training that provides a full orientation and immersion into High Performance concepts. Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Influence and Courage. These are the building blocks of a high performance lifestyle. Video lessons, worksheets and monthly coaching calls will support you on your Peak Performance journey.

Recalibrate and Reset

Feeling burned out? Stagnant? Stuck? This course is the perfect intervention!  Each module takes you on a journey that will peel away your discontent, inspire you to reconnect and re-engage with life, and re-ignite the joy and passion you are so badly missing!

Conquer Your Crisis

Sometimes our biggest challenges provide us with the biggest progress. Infidelity, Illness, Divorce, Death. Let these be your teachers rather than your tormentors. Learn how to overcome your current crisis, cultivate a resilience mindset that will support you on your healing journey, and turn your pain into a new chapter of joy, clarity and fulfillment!

Group Coaching

This is a great option if you are looking for both individual attention, and the benefits of small group dynamics to support you on your journey. An affordable way to access high caliber coaching, and benefit from a community of like-minded seekers.

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