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Are You Ready to Learn How to fully implement the power of Mindfulness in Your life?

Taking the best of corporate-based & traditional mindfulness practices, and holistic high-performace tools for personal growth and development, we will learn my  Awareness For Impact model, which will empower you with mindfulness and high performance strategies to help you take your life and work to the next level. This training brings in the best of neuroscience and psychology, coupled with the power of ingtegral coaching and community. If you've been curious about mindfulness and meditation, wondering how to integrate these tools into your real life,  or are truly ready for an upgrade to your lfe skills and impact, this is the experience you've been waiting for!

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 Unlock the power of mindfulness in our group coaching program, where neuroscience-backed practices translate into tangible, real-world impact. Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness and discover how it can revolutionize your life.
From reducing stress and enhancing focus to improving relationships and boosting productivity, our program equips you with practical tools for success. Here are some of the benefits of my Awareness For Impact Group Coaching program:
  • Comprehensive understanding of mindfulness
  • Manage stress and increase focus
  • Learn¬†neuroscience-backed strategies
  • Real tools to implement ¬†into daily life
  • Supportive community and expert guidance
Join us to cultivate mindfulness and witness the transformative effects ripple through every aspect of your life.
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Do you crave greater focus, less stress, and tangible results? Want to unlock the transformative power of mindfulness and become the type of person who effortlessly navigates life's challenges with clarity, resilience, and purpose?


Hi! I'm Heidi.



With over 20 years of operational excellence and transformative coaching under my belt, I'm Heidi Albritton‚ÄĒa Coach & Trainer dedicated to bringing out the best in individuals. I'm proud to have pioneered Mindfulness coaching at a global non-profit and hold certifications in Corporate-based Mindfulness, Advanced Enneagram Dynamics, Integral ¬†and High Performance Coaching, all geared towards helping you unlock your potential and lead a life of impact.

My journey, marked by resilience in the face of Lyme's disease and cancer, fuels my passion for mindfulness and authenticity. "Change your mind, change your life," is not just a mantra‚ÄĒit's a reflection of my own transformative experiences and unwavering commitment to guiding you through your own growth journey.¬†¬†With me, expect a partnership grounded in empathy, experience, and our shared pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment.

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 What to Expect

By Joining This Waitlist, Here's What You Can Expect

12 Live Coaching Sessions

Sign up for the waitlist today! 12 live coaching sessions to give you the tools, training and confidence to fully implement the powerful and evidence-based mindfulness and high performance techniques.

 Boost your productivity, mindfully manage your emotions, re-engage with you life with more depth and meaning than you have ever felt possible! 

Real World Strategies


I will offically launch the Summer 2024 group session in May, and as a part of this early interest waitlist, you are eligible for early bird pricing! 

Be on the front lines of cutting edge techniques and strategies, and when I teach you how to use them, they will be literally life changing!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life


Keep an eye out for the emails announcing the launch of the program, and register using the early bird code that I will send you ahead of time.

We will officially kick-off in early June and we'll spend our summer together immersed in Awareness For Impact learning and implementing! 


Get ready to change your life, details on what is included with this program or event. 
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